No Scientific Basis for Anti-Kratom Claims

No Scientific Basis for Anti-Kratom Claims

A new study by researchers at UBC-Okanagan and the College of Rochester Medical Center suggests a psychoactive plant Kratom may be an alternative choice to opioids for pain medicine.

Kratom belongs to the Coffee family of plants and has been used medicinally for centuries in South-East Asia based on a media release from the university.

The researchers reviewed 57 years of international scientific information to reach at their conclusions, including Kratom might also ease withdrawal symptoms for folks weaning themselves off opioids.

“Over the past decade we’ve seen growing interest in kratom as an effective means of easing ache and curbing opioid use,” says UBCO affiliate psychology professor Zach Walsh.

“We are concerned that this potential could be overlooked amongst the hysteria and misinformation that usually accompanies the emergence of an unfamiliar plant-primarily based drug that does have some potential for misuse.”

The study’s lead author, an affiliate professor in URMC’s psychology division, says clinicians and the public are receiving confusing details about kratom.

“This study clarifies that there isn’t any good scientific basis for claims that kratom causes psychosis, suicide, or violence and the available information don’t indicate that kratom is a significant public health problem,” says Marc Swogger.

The research was not too long ago printed within the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

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