Kratom in Tennessee

AG in Tennessee stated Kratom is legal in State.

Laws on Kratom in Tennessee

The laws on kratom in Tennessee is clearer now. The attorney general for the state of Tennessee revealed an opinion on the use of pure kratom, stating the botanical supplement Kratom is legal in Tennessee.

Confusion close the lawfulness of kratom in Tennessee has existed. Ever since the state passed a law in 2014. Thus creating it illegal to possess many artificial substances, as well as synthetic versions of Kratom.

“Possession of the kratom plant in its natural, biological state is not subject someone to potential action under Tennessee state law,” the opinion reads. “The kratom plant in its natural biological state isn’t a prohibited drug under Tennessee law.”

In response, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said it would not pursue people carrying pure kratom.

“The TBI upholds and enforces the law, and will follow the Attorney General’s opinion in accordance with state law,” Michael Jones, a spokesperson for the TBI, said in statement.

Also Kratom has grown in popularity. Therefore it has become a controversial topic of debate. There is confusion among lawmakers, law enforcement, and people who rely on the supplement. Kratom is derived from a plant grown primarily in Asian countries, and it’s unregulated in the United States.

The growing popularity of the unregulated supplement captured the attention of the Federal Drug Administration, which published a warning about kratom in November.

The FDA said kratom is linked to at least 36 deaths. They also stated that it will  block imports of the product.

The Kratom community and FDA feel that synthetic versions of kratom are dangerous. These synthetics have created confusion. Kratom users and vendors are pushing lawmakers to regulate the supplement to make it safe for people.


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