Rick O'Shea

Rick O’Shea helps people with Kratom questions to get answers from a regular guy. RICK offers a wide range of perspectives and opinions on a range of topics, from the best vendors, to kratom laws and personal experiences. Drawing on many years of experience in pain management, kratom use and management of a family hardware store RICK now focuses mainly on writing and being a grandparent of 8 grandkids. After a successful career as a business owner, RICK now advises other people how to achieve the same success. Rick’s varied background in retail, business ownership and military service provided the perfect foundation for blogging on a range of topics. Passionate about Kratom and its possibilities, RICK provides writing services that help educate, explain and entertain to readers interested on Kratom. His blogging career started in 2014 and has since helped thousands of people to understand Kratom from a simple man’s perspective.